Unfold, Engage and Unleash is our mantra. We are a business network of independent consultants and Internet entrepreneurs joined by a common goal to do business online. This blog is about unfolding dreams to reality.

    mantra (plural mantras)

  1. (Hinduism.) The hymn portions of the Vedas; any passage of these used as a prayer.
  2. A phrase repeated to assist concentration during meditation, originally in Hinduism.
  3. (General.) A slogan or phrase often repeated.
  4. Why a mantra?  I came across this idea when reading the The Plan-as-you-go Business Plan book pointing to a blog posting “How to Change the World: Mantras Versus Missions” by Guy Kawasaki. Since I come from an Enterprise consulting environment I have stumbled across  many cases of Mission Statement-itis, and very much been responsible for torpedoing many sizzling ideas with it myself. So finding and following a short mantra is very appealing with those experiences in mind.

    Back to out mantra:

    Unfold your dreams Dreams are unrealistic, absurd and imaginary. They are radically different from reality.
    Engage on a tangible target Listen to Oprah: it’s a simple question of want and need. Engage resources and momentum with passion on a common razor sharp focus. First things first!
    Unleash the intrinsic energy

    Attraction before promotion. Nobody enjoys nagging. Unleash a love bug nothing spreads faster and creates more devotion.

    Our general idea is to establish presence, connect with customers without compromising long term business architecture and prospects. The concept of learning by doing is essential here, but there are some pitfalls that must be avoided with this path. We’re following a manifesto of an online business profile as we perceive it, which demonstrates our strategic focus but most definitely don’t mean that it is the only way to do business. The manifesto, which will be published in a near posting, details our guiding rules and principles for building online business, both for our business network and our customer partnership profiles. The core pillars of our business manifesto are:

    Agile Build business and software (websites) in small incremental steps and with the ruling principle to be flexible and light weight
    Adaptive If your strength is to be agile – use it  or step back. Don’t change a winning formula is well and good, but in this line of business the winning formula is to listen, chew and adapt.
    Measuring Not measureable, but measuring. Being agile and adaptive without metrics is like riding a scooter in central London with a blindfold.
    Break Even Our business is in building cash flow positive business and this is the core of our differentiation. There are several very strong and famous businesses out there that are fueled with venture capital and brand building strategies – the obvious striking example being Facebook. Not chosing this path is controversial but healthy.

    The mantra of this blog is narrowed down from our business mantra to unfolding dreams to break-even, implying that we’d like to share our experiences, successes, mistakes and smiles from our and friends projects. It should provide practical solutions to practical problems, a channel to unfold dreams to reality.

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