How to get the Microsoft Start Up Software for FREE!

Microsoft has a range of start up programs. Our vision is to provide services with E-Business on Microsoft .Net, Dynamics and Windows Azure for start ups, so what better path than to follow the same route as the teams we’re providing services to. Our plan is to start by creating a web presence, follow on to develop services and after that unleashing marketing for the services. Plain and simple.

Microsoft Website Spark This program provides “visibility, support and software” for web designers and developers and Start Ups. It’s a cheap way to get the applications we’re using to create our web presence:

Design and Development
– Expression Design and Web
– Visual Studio 2008 Professional
– SQL Server 2008 Web Edition

– Windows Web Server 2008 R2
– SQL Server 2008 Web Edition

With regards to support the only really exclusive feat is that we get two professional support incidents, apart from that it’s really only stuff that’s out there anyhow.

The program assumes we’re less than 10 people and that we will publish a public¬† website within 6 months. There is only a penalty of $100 for leaving the program which sounds fair to us.

We enrolled as a start up, but if you’re going to enroll as a web pro you need A “valid approval code from a Microsoft Champ, Network Partner, or Hosting Partner”, sounds much more complicated than it is.

Read the full program guide (PDF)

Microsoft BizSpark Since we’re going to deliver software services based on the .Net, Dynamics and Azure platforms, we need a more heavy development platform than what is provided with Website Spark.

BizSpark is the Microsoft program for software start ups, and this really is a valuable program from our point of view. The key selling point here again is “Software, Support and Visibility”.

Now the software package here is substantial in our opinion. For a mere $100¬† we will receive a full fledged MSDN Premium Subscription. That includes Visual Studio Team System 2008 and all other servers we need for designing, developing and testing the software services we’re about to develop.
For our production environment we will not only get OS, but a range of application servers and the production environment servers! Wow, now that is great news to our business case, since we aim at reaching break even the first year. Please refer to the detailed program guide below for more details.

For our service offering it is also quite nice that we will be listed in the BizsparkDB a public directory hosted at Microsoft StartupZone.

– Develop software
– Privately held company
– Less than three years old
– Not make more than US $1M annually

Read the detailed program guide (PDF)


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